Vacation Itineraries

Discover the Sonoran Desert off the beaten path with Andaz Scottsdale's curiosity-driving vacation itineraries.  Whether you're drawn to the desert for a lovers escape, a bachelorette party, a local day trip, a winter escape, or a gentlemen's getaway, we've mapped out soul-inspiring things to do to help you plan your visit.

Explore our itineraries below and uncover the expansive possibilities of things to do at Andaz Scottsdale.

A Lovers Escape Itinerary

Explore the Sonoran Desert with romance and discovery at the forefront.

itinerary for romantic escapes

The Girlfriend Getaway Itinerary

Discover hidden gems of the Sonoran Desert and reconnect with your girl group.

itinerary for girls trips and bachelorettes

Desert Day Trippers Itinerary

Expand your perspective of the Sonoran Desert and yourself with these invigorating activities.

itinerary for arizona locals

Seasoned Sun Seekers Itinerary

Warm up your mind, body, and spirit with these soul-nourishing things to do.

itinerary for relaxed travelers

A Guy's Escape Itinerary

See the Sonoran Desert in a different light with these culinary and golfing delights.

itinerary for guys trips
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