Our yoga program promotes relaxation through movement and postures to improve flexibility and relieve stress.


Connect deeply with yourself and your body. This class offers effective tools to calm your mind.

Aerial Yoga & Meditation

Experience the desert beauty from a new perspective using aerial silks. Bring awareness to the body through light movement and various poses. Bring attention to the mind through calming meditation practices.

Restorative Stretching

Learn what stretches you can do to improve both your physical and mental wellness. Practice specific flexibility training techniques used to help reduce anxiety, improve digestive health, better sleep, boost self-esteem, and more!

Crystal Intentions

Discover the power of crystals beyond their physical state in this DIY activity. Choose from a sample of calming stone favorites and unearth the deep connection between mind, body, and spirit using guided meditations and mantras via a listening device. No sign-ups required.

Sound Healing

Join our master sound practitioner in an ancient meditative practice. The vibrational energy produced by alchemy crystal singing bowls supports a deeply restful and rejuvenated state that promotes healing of the mind and body. Immerse yourself in this relaxing sensory experience to improve your overall sense of wellbeing.


Full body HIIT workout that will combine compound lifts, fast-paced bodyweight exercises, and intervals of cardio. This format will leave you dripping and fire up your metabolism.

Stretch into Sunset

Release tension and melt away stiffness with the setting sun in this guided stretch session. Experience the benefits of stretching through use of static, active, and instructor assisted stretches.

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