Crystal Infused Perfume Creation

Palo Verde Spa & Apothecary

Visit the Palo Verde Spa’s apothecary and take an adventure in aromatherapy. Learn how essential oils positively affect your well-being as your work with our aromatherapy consultant to create a personalized scent for you.

Meet the Artist in You

Olive Grove, complimentary

Creative activities inspire us to exhale and take time to learn more about ourselves. Join local Cattle Track Art& Preservation artists for interactive experiences about their focus and specialties.  Relax, and create with them. No advance sign-up required.

Raise Your Glass

Weft & Warp Wine Counter, limit four guests, ages 21+

Learn to create (and enjoy!) unique and fresh seasonal cocktails with our talented mixologists in this interactive workshop.

Birds of Prey

Weft & Warp Patio, complimentary

Join Liberty Wildlife to learn more about the desert’s birds of prey. Interact with owls, hawks and falcons and witness firsthand, the most revered birds in the Sonoran Desert. Check our schedule, no advance sign-up required.

Cattle Track Tour

Guest House, complimentary

Join the artists from the Cattle Track Arts & Preservation Compound, for unique insights into their creative mindset. Located less than a mile from the Resort, visit the studios of the Compound's artists and artisans, learn about their training, experiences and history, and get a glimpse of their creative process.  

Pasta like a Pro

Weft & Warp Exhibition Kitchen, ages 16+

Build your culinary confidence with this hands-on pasta making experience guided by our Chef using seasonal flavors and ingredients.

Sweet Escape

Weft & Warp Exhibition Kitchen, ages 16+

Join our award-winning pastry chef to learn about the health benefits of chocolate as you infuse indigenous ingredients to create handmade truffles.

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