Andaz Journal

A safe return to travel and exploration

As humans, we are meant to travel, to explore, to discover—and COVID-19 challenged us to rethink those things entirely at Andaz Scottsdale. Can we provide a truly safe environment for both our guests and our colleagues? Is it possible to meet our high standards for service and amenities while introducing these new protocols? Most important, can we actually enhance the experience, not only making it safer, but better?

We are happy, and proud, to say that thanks to the creativity, hard work, and absolute dedication of our team, the answer to each of those questions is “Yes.”

You can find all the details of our enhancements and refinements on this page, but a few highlights are below.

Of course, new cleaning protocols were among the first measures we implemented. Our public areas are being cleaned with increased frequency—particularly bathrooms, door handles, and surfaces and facilities that may be used by many people. We require our guests and colleagues to wear masks when indoors, or even when outside if appropriate distancing cannot be achieved. Housekeeping practices have been adjusted as well.

Service and amenities
We now offer a variety of services with minimal in-person contact, including mobile check-in and check-out, doorstep delivery of meals and other items, even contact-free service in our private pool cabanas. In addition, we have made our cancellation and length-of-stay policies more flexible, allowing guests to book with confidence.  

Enhanced experience
We are fortunate that our environment was designed for seclusion already, with bungalows and suites that don’t share entrances, multiple pools with private cabanas, and 23 acres of room to explore. But we’ve added to the guest experience with new and unique outdoor activities such as our curated picnic program, Sunset Hour, and Desert Dessert; our enriching Create & Cultivate series, and Andaz Adventures. You can see all of our activities here.

As 2021 continues, we hope you’ll find you’re ready to explore again. And we’ll keep finding new and inventive ways to make your Andaz experience one that is both safe and exceptional.