A visit to the desert can have a wealth of health benefits—especially if you take advantage of our mindful wellbeing activities.

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Woman doing yoga

Boot Camp


This format combines athletic drills, sports maneuvers, plyometrics, and isolation of major muscle groups for a total body workout. Designed to raise your heart rate and burn the maximum amount of calories for time spent, this program can be modified for the beginner and ramped up for advanced levels. 


Aquatic Boot Camp


Get ready to be challenged by the resistance of the water in Aqua Boot Camp! This is a high intensity, interval workout using resistance equipment for an additional challenge. It combines strength training and aerobic conditioning with water resistance to give you an awesome overall body workout!


Power Circuit


Challenge yourself with this high intensity interval style class structured to build strength while keeping your heart rate elevated. A circuit will be designed to target each muscle group using a variety of training tools both inside and outside the fitness center.

Woman meditating



Connect deeply with yourself and your body. This class offers effective tools to calm your mind. 




This practice promotes active relaxation with postures that allow you to improve flexibility and relieve stress. 

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